Portage County Commercial Cleaning

Effective & Affordable Green Cleaning Services in Eastern Ohio

Did you know that you can cut the number of sick days your employees take by keeping your office space deeply clean? Dust and allergens get everywhere, including inside your commercial establishment. Those pollutants can trigger allergy symptoms and make your employees’ miserable. It can get so bad that your employees make need to take sick days.

A deep cleaning can remove those allergens and a regular cleaning regimen can keep it that way. Anago of Eastern Ohio can do that for you and your employees. We have a proven systematic program for deep cleaning commercial spaces in Portage County and beyond. Once the space is thoroughly cleaned, you will see your employees’ productivity go up while their use of sick days go down.

Our team of cleaning specialists use a range of tools and techniques designed to get the deep cleaning done. We even focus on germ hot-spots to stop the spread of illness.

Some of the surfaces we pay special attention to include:

  • Door surfaces, including handles
  • Light and environmental control switches
  • Phones and copier panels
  • Break room tables and appliances
  • Conference room surfaces

When you need a reliable commercial cleaning service in Portage County, give us a call at (330) 947-4603.